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Day Two - Okehampton, Devon to Buckover, Gloucestershire (118m)
Ready to leave the Fountain Inn

The day started off pissing down again. We're still not dry from last night!

A welcome stop at Dave's Mum's for Tea & Rock cakes.

Dave brought a new meaning to the phrase 'brake shoes'!, with his desperate stopping manoeuvre whilst trying to avoid a car near Crediton.

David convinced us that after Thorverton the Dutch would have felt perfectly at home, in fact the average Gurkha wouldn't have felt homesick.

JCI kindly volunteered to assume the position of tail end Charlie, resplendent in his dodgy yellow jersey, this being purely for safety reasons.

Dave, who's 6ft 2, realised that it might in fact be necessary to make some minor alterations to the bike he bought from a 4ft 10 inch midget. A new seat post has taken a lot of pressure off his knees.

Although the boys were more than happy with their 118miles, Chris did feel that we should have continued on until Glasgow.

Tonight's choice vacation was a pub with gorgeous views over the Severn Estuary and sunset to match.

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