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Day Three - Buckover, Gloucestershire to Whitechurch, Shropshire (125 miles)
Dave and Gordon, who are joining us for the day tomorrow

Breakfast at a Cafe in Gloucester, our Hosts yesterday were not aware that some clients might like breakfast

A typical lunch stop, this one at the swimming pool at Tenbury Wells

Dinner, for a change an excellent one, even though Chris stole Derek's steak

A quick addition from yesterday, an immense thank you to Ralph Colman Cycles in Station Road, Taunton, for transforming Dave's wheelbarrow into something akin to a bicycle.

The best day so far by a mile. 125 miles, almost back on schedule (four miles behind our planned route), minimal rain and the best accommodation with superb home made food. Jonathan's achilles tendon just about held up and may last him until Scotland. I still think that he is a wimp for refusing Derek's offer of a cortisol injection direct to the affected spot.

Message to Mike Parker: it is really great, good beer, loads of women worshipping our masculinity and the cycling is not too hard. It is a shame that you missed it.

We came up from just north of Bristol to Whitchurch which is 20 miles north of Shrewsbury. For the first time the wind was not helpful and for long sections was in our faces. On the other hand the terrain was far less hilly than before.

On a great day like this and sitting in the wonderful Greyhound Inn (Bargate, Whitchurch) it seems churlish to complain but for the first day Dave did not anything remotely dangerous and there was the wasp caught in Derek's helmet - very painful.

Message to Kate, Amy and Connor from Derek; missing you tons and hope looking forward to seeing you soon.

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