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Day Four - Whitchurch, Shropshire to Heversham just south of Kendal. (115 miles)

Despite an early breakfast at the Greyhound we were late in setting off as several of the bikes left outside had had the computers stolen from them during the night. Derek went into town to get a replacement, hence the delay.
The accommodation was perfect for half a dozen smelly cyclists. But the chiming of Big Ben in the local church every quarter of an hour through out the night was a little disturbing in an otherwise peaceful surroundings. There was a general consensus during the evening to target a 9 day rather 8 day completion in order to let some of the more neglected bodies a little more recovery time.

At last, for those of you who did not believe that we were cycling here is all of us (including our visitors for the day) except Derek who rode ahead to get this shot.

So today we only targeted a meagre 100 miles. By 13.00 hours we were just on the backside of Warrington!!! at Earlstown railway station in particular Rockies Cafe.
Despite having a more than adequate breakfast and barely warming up the six of us proceeded on a campaign to clear out their stocks of consumerables. We all had seconds but CLK exceeded his limits in gluttony by following a double burger/sausage/bacon/cheese bap by a triple decker Tuna and cheese's amazing that he managed to get on his bike again let alone cycle the remainder of the 105 miles to be covered that day.
The food was great and the crack with the upfront lasses in Rockies was one of the highlight of our day.

We later stopped off at DJ's in Preston for yet more food.
....many thaks to Sarah for all her trouble and effort especially fixing up this evenings accommodation in the Blue Bell in Heversham on the A6 just south of Kendal. Civilisation at last?

The riding was fairly easy going but the energy levels weren't quite right and progress early on was painful. Almost every one is suffering from some physical complaint or another.
The pain killers are in heavy demand.

Hello Sophie, Richard and Mrs Thompson and all at Broughton School in Preston.

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