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Day one. Arrived Okehampton at 19:55
Here is us in front of the signpost, before it opened, hence no signs

Reasons to be cheerful:
1. We did the first twenty miles in an hour and a quarter.
2. We did the last thirty-five miles in two hours and ten minutes.
3. In total we did 112 miles.

Reasons to be miserable:
Apart from the above, the intervening 57 miles were about the most God awful that any of us can ever remember cycling. Continuous rain fell from around 11 o'clock onwards, and all of us are soaked to the skin. 11 hours, most of which were awful.
The main problem, apart from the rain, was that rather slow progress was made in some of the back roads, and map reading with a 1:250,000 map has presented a challenge.
Dangerous Dave has lived up to his reputation, with brakes that eventually bring him to a halt after a mile and half. He also managed to get a puncture before we even got to the Lands End sign post, when his tyres encounters air for the first time in ten years.

ps Welcome to England Truda and Truda's Mum and greetings to Rosie and Heike......Chris.

By the way, Chris passed his slip streaming exam with flying colours. The examiners would have preferred a finite element approach to the flow modelling in question 2, rather than a finite difference, but let this pass. He did fall down on question 7, which was: "if the last five people have been setting a pace of 15 mph, what would you do when you take over?" 47 mph was felt to be a little on the high side. But in fact, the practical test has been going fine.

Well Done Colin, accommodation at Fountain Inn Okehampton is appreciated

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