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Day Six - Dunscore to South End of Loch Eck (107 miles (Would have been 25 if not for Derek's map reading!!))
Thursday started clear and bright, and almost convinced us we were having a good time. Any doubts on that score were quickly laid to rest as Derek breezily uttered those oft heard words, "we'll regroup at the top shall we?". It was a cool and beautiful climb through conifer woods to one of Derek's favourite cycling haunts, the 1000ft high Moniaive road. He even let us see his secret shrine to the Marquess de Sade hidden in the woods near the summit, we each had to let a droplet of sweat fall on the statue before we were allowed to continue. The roads have been quite quick but any attempt on our 124 mile record was quickly quashed by Derek having a cartographical nightmare which led John's on-bike altimeter to implode.
We reached the ferry at Gourock with just a moment to spare before it pulled away from the quay. Dave was about to feign an epileptic fit to try to delay the ferryman but luckily Simon appeared at just that moment and leapt aboard.
We had some trouble finding our hotel for the night as mobile phone coverage is very poor here, luckily Colin was patrolling the roads and found us! Many thanks to all at The Cot House Hotel for making us so welcome.
Thanks again for all the messages, special thanks to Sandra, Sue and Dave who drove all the way up from Maidenhead to greet Ruairi.

"Weight has its downhill advantages", Ruairi quipped.

JCI checks it's still there after learning of the `withering effect' that can occur after prolonged cycling.

Chris loses his way but is led back to safety by a friendly herd of cows.

Dave just fails to catch the bus.

It's ok it was the number 11 anyway.

"Look at my tiny windbreak, why do I always end up following Simon?".

JCI ponders the loos in England which were so much better than here in bonny Scotland.

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