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Day Five - Heversham to Dunscore (101 miles)

A day of highs and lows - the heights of Shap Fell (400m) and the low of the recovery. A long, long climb, but the dramatic scenery of the Lake District made it all worthwhile. The lows - an equally dramatic drop in energy levels.
We're all really feeling it now. Most of us have sore tendons and knees, all have sore rears - Dave says his will be like an apple at the end of this!
The price of painkillers on the black market has now reached record levels in the towns we pass through. Beaming chemists emerge from their establishments to beckon us in and hawk for our valuable trade.
Tonight we're all recovering in The George Hotel, a small, family run place.

Hope you like the pictures:
Car park of the Blue Bell Hotel, Heversham. Very comfortable three star hotel - dinner great value. We're looking at your web messages (thanks Sally at HTV, Michael at BBC West, Jo Nick and Matt at UCL, Robin Brown, Ric and Raf in Sutton, and all the others for the messages of support: the encouragement is appreciated.)

Dave trying to get a signal on his mobile so he can tell his wife the web site address. Hope you got the message, Jane.

At Gretna, arriving in Scotland, approx 1630 Wednesday July 15.

Simon in the countryside just outside Dumfries at 1900 and 90 miles.

Dave smiling on his rebuilt steed (new brakes, seat post, front wheel, back wheel, rear gears).

JCI cruising on the Galaxy.

Derek 'Boardman Eat Your Heart Out' Brown, chief photographer (he's the only one with the spare time).

Chris 'The Torturer' Kilpatrick contemplates another day of inflicting maximum suffering on his beleaguered subjects.

The King of IT, Ruairi. Travelling light.

For those that are interested, we are getting up around 7:00am, breakfasting at 7:30am, by the time we and our bikes are sorted it is around 9:00am when we hit the road and we aim to arrive at our destination by 8:00pm. We stop for fuel breaks about every 30 miles.

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