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Day 8: 107 miles from Fort William to Dornoch
We are staying at The Eagle

We cycled. We ate. We cycled. We ate.
Most of us spent half the day trying to avoid the traffic on the A9. Dave, however, was slightly worried about the entry a few days ago saying that he'd done nothing dangerous. He, therefore, spent most of his time trying to slalom between the cats' eyes with no hands on the handlebars.
Actually, today was something of a record in that everyone had arrived by half past seven.
Some good slip-streaming was done, although there was fierce competition not to end up behind either Dave (for reasons mentioned above) or Simon (due to the fact that his bum has withered to the size of a small walnut, and therefore offers absolutely no protection against the headwind).

108 miles and counting...

Monument to the Commandos just outside Fort William

Thanks to Sue, Dave and Sandra, who apparently managed to travel some 700 miles in a day to encourage us as Ruairi's groupies

Your questions answered... a new feature of this web site.
Several people have been e-mailing us with queries about our progress. We shall attempt to answer some of these burning issues.
Q. What does Ruairi carry in those bags?
A. We have yet to find anything that he doesn't.
Q. Do you know how to spell "accommodation" and do you know that "there" is not the possessive pronoun of the third person plural?
A. Generally yes, but we're mostly rushing to do this web site in the hour between getting in and going to bed. Our lives are really that sad.
Q. Has anyone come to blows yet?
A. No, but JCI was close to being hammered by everyone else yesterday (apparently: this is being dictated by CLK, who himself has remained remarkably free from the antagonism of his colleagues).
Q. How many different ways have you discovered of eating "High Five" energy powder?
A. Baggie has found most, including sprinkling it on his breakfast cereal. Whether he has also been ingesting it in different ways in the privacy of his own room is a question we cannot answer.
Q. How are your tendons?
A. Tender.
Q. What is the most difficult aspect of a trip of this nature?
A. Remembering to re-adjust your social habits at the end of the day, and not burp, fart, and play with your personal bits when you're in the pub.
Q. I saw what looked like a government sponsored road show on the dangers of skin lesions passing through my village the other day. Was that anything to do with you?
A. That was Dave, with his cycling shorts rolled up.

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