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Stuart Bikes
309/311 Horn Lane
London W3 0BU

One of our locals, this one unfortunately does not have beer on tap, it is however an excellent bike shop, and stocks, in addition to bikes and accessories, a vast range of cycling related books and maps.
Please visit:, their web site
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Dave and Ray
Dave, the proprieter of Stuart Bikes and Ray have provided us with not only a superb range of spare parts, but also invaluable assistance and advice on preparing for the trip.
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Mike, we suspect, may be joining us in spirit only, from the comfort of his armchair
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Jon Iliffe
Age: Probably too old for this lark.
Handicap: Five pints of bitter a night plus the odd ciggie; dodgy right knee (as illustrated).
Aims: A shapely pair of thighs and a firm pair of buttocks, but if I can't find any women like that along the way I'll settle for personal fitness.
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Age: The youngest of this lot.
Handicap: Still can't get the hang of lighting my pipe whilst cycling.
Aims: To get a bit fitter (see below).
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Ruairi (again) A couple of years ago
WARNING Cycling can make you smaller!.
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Simon Bagge
My biog: Having just turned 40, my interests are now moving in the direction of gardening and cribbage, interrupted by the odd windsurfing and skiing session. Prefers a woolly cardigan to lycra.
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'Dangerous' Dave Woodland.
Earned his nickname from his unconventional approach to skiing and fearless disregard for winter fashion. 36 year-old David is a keen coastal walker. Still cleaning his bike after cycling through a foot of mud at Glastonbury.
Picture of Dave on the way
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Age: Old enough to know what 'social dis-engagement of the aged' means.
Handicap: Insufficient IQ to understand JCI's 1001 principles of slip streaming.
Aims: To swap cycling shorts for a wet suit and spend what's left of the summer windsurfing.
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At last, one of us not in the pub. This is a picture of Derek at the Tour de France, as I understand the situation he was a spectator, not a competitor.
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Colin 'The Chauffeur' Field
Colin is driving our support van for the duration of the trip, we have not told him yet that he needs to start to plan his cycle route back from John o'Groats